Weekly ride roundup: 5/10-5/16
—Wednesday, 6pm “Chain Gang” ride with Matt 20 miles, 12-14mph pace, ND
—Thursday morning with Chuck, starting at 8:30am. Roll from Forsyth Park off of Weaver Rd.
—Thursday, 6pm, from Decatur Bicycle Shoppe, Typically around 20 miles, 15mph pace, ND
—Friday, 5:30pm, from Rock Springs, approximately 15 miles, 12-14mph pace, ND
—Saturday, 8am, starting from Greendell park
14+ miles, down the trail and back. Whatever pace you like, with a break at Rock Springs to chit chat. ND

***Does anyone have interest in doing a mountain bike ride at Garman Park? Maybe on Tuesday evenings?
None of these rides are “sponsored” by DBC. All rides are simply show and go. Let me know if there are questions or revisions that need made. ND denotes no drop rides.