Meeting Minutes

Meeting at Decatur Public Library, May 16 5:30 pm

First order of business was regarding the sale of the club van.  It sold.  Proceeds are in the club bank account.  

 The storage shed at Pops Place is now empty and  club contents are stored in the club trailer which is now at McPherons property in their pole barn (across from Jim Johnson’s old property on Hartung).

Gene made a motion and Bonnie seconded it to explore rental cost of storage unit to store Bicycle Club boxes.  This would leave the club trailer empty for future use.  Bonnie will research availability and cost of storage units.  No opposition to motion.

Matt made a motion to pay $200 to McPherons for storing the trailer for a year.  Chuck seconded.  No opposition to motion.

Next Dorothy presented an update of the Amish Country Tour 2023.  She has secured contacts for the ride and all is going according to plans.  Catering a lunch would run approximately $16 per person.  Dorothy said she isn’t interested in providing shirts for the ride this year since last year approximately only 25% of the riders purchased a shirt.  Gene provided more information on an independent contractor shirt maker.  The club discussed all this and decided not to provide shirts for the 2023 Amish Country Tour Bicycle Ride.

Gene suggested we set all routes for the ride accessing from a central hub that also has the food station accessible from this central hub area.  All routes would leave and return to the central area and continue from the central hub if longer miles were desired to be ridden.  This new venue had positive feedback from the members in attendance and Gene is making routes available to club members to ride and then provide feedback. 

Summer Solstice Party update was provided by flyer and the ride routes are posted on RidewithGPS and club web site.  Details of the party are also available on the club website.

Membership update:  57 paid members for 2023.

Bob Disbrow suggested we invest club money in a money market fund.  Matt will meet with Bob the access club budget and then determine the amount to invest.

Meeting adjourned with Chuck making a motion and Gene seconding.

Next Meeting is June 12, 5:30PM in Decatur Public Library Madden Auditorium.