Meeting Minutes

Decatur Bicycle Club meeting 5:30 p.m. August 21, 2023 at Decatur Library had approximately 14 members attending.  Possibly a new record of attendance.

Dorothy provided an Amish Country Bicycle Tour update.  Dorothy will bring a printer and Matt will bring his Macbook to provide printed maps for the tour if requested.

Friday September 15th is the day to set up  for the event at the Arthur Community Center.  Time to be provided to volunteers at a later date. The maps will be printed in black and white. Each route will have a Ride With GPS QR code for riders to scan to their phone for directions.

Bonnie and Matt will pick up cookies from the Amish Baker and will take a check to pay her.

Bob provided a treasurer’s update.  $12,500 total club funds have been deposited into interest bearing money market funds.

$75 was sent to Arthur Community Center

$500 sponsorship donation was sent to Macon County Conservation Foundation for the Prairie Pedal event September 23. The Decatur Bicycle Club requested that our mile marker sign be placed within the first 20 miles of the ride and that the club would like to set up an information table. 

Next item on the agenda was the use of the club trailer.  Rob Lipic who is a club member and insurance agent indicated that the trailer does not need to be insured  by the club but that members who use the trailer need to provide their own insurance.  The trailer use is for club members only and does not require a monetary fee.

Bob made a motion to make the trailer available to members as long as they abide by the club rules.  Gene seconded the motion.  No opposition.  

Next on agenda was the Jasper Street Summer Fest that the bike club volunteers are attending while supervising a bicycle rodeo.  See club web page for more updates.

Norma raised discussion concerning a bike donation for Good Samaritan.  Gene made a motion to use up to $300 for bike donation.  Bob seconded the motion.  No opposition.

Ralph will explore the possibility of bicycle donations for the Salvation Army and will report back at the October meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6 p.m.

Next club meeting is September 11, 5:30pm in the Decatur Public Library Madden Auditorium.