Meeting Minutes

The Decatur Bicycle Club meeting was held October 9, 2023 5:30 p.m. at the Decatur Library.

First on the agenda was a recap of the 2023 Amish Country Bike Tour. Dorothy shared feedback that riders suggested a bike stand to be made available for use at the registration/snack area.

Matt will improve the maps for next year with road numbers, restaurants available, coffee shops, etc.

The routes were well received by the riders, and it was suggested to have sag drivers inspect the routes the morning of the ride and make any necessary route repairs to directional markings.

A possible stencil was suggested for use on marking routes.

The central hub for snacks was a success.

A rider from Missouri indicated she would like to help next year as a volunteer.

The 2024 ride is to be organized with Chris Merli as the leader.

All members were grateful to Dorothy Miller for her many years of organizing the ride.

The 2023 Amish Country Bike Tour had approximately 188 riders and the gross income to the club was approximately $6,900.

The snacks cost $391.00 total, significantly less than previous years thanks to having the option of returning unopened items.

The next item on the agenda was the Prairie Pedal Ride. An information table was hosted by Bonnie and Matt Rueff and was sparsely attended so it was decided not to have a table next year. Our club had a sign in the first mile of the ride near the Kiwanis Park bike path leading towards Dipper Avenue.

Next on the agenda was the Good Samaritan bike donation. Norma has this under control.

Next on the agenda was the Salvation Army Bike donations. Ralph is organizing this with the same budget agreed to last year ($1,000)

Next on the agenda was the Ride With GPS account for club members. Gene made a motion to renew our account. Matt seconded. No opposition.

Elections took place for the 2024 officers. President is Matt Rueff, Vice President is Chris Merli, Treasurer is Gene Fruit, Secretary is Nancy Rem and Web Master is Sam.

Next on the agenda is the Great Pumpkin Ride on October 29th hosted by Chris Merli.
Details to follow on the web page.

Next on the agenda was a suggestion by Norma to investigate bicycle outreach that our club could do for the community. Matt will share contact info for Jeff Yockey of Champaign County Bikes (below):
Phone: (217) 565-1785

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted.
Nancy Rem