Section l. 

Monthly meetings shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month with the exception of November and January. 

The annual holiday party will be the November meeting.

A meeting of the officers and committee chairpersons will be held in February.

Section 2. 

The October meeting shall be the annual meeting.

Section 3. 

Special meetings may be called at the request of the club president at any time.

Section 4. 

On any item of business, an affirmative majority vote of the club members present shall be required for approval.

Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the club shall commence on the first day of November and shall end on the last day of October of the calendar year. 

The treasurer will present a fiscal report at the October meeting.


Committee chairpersons will be selected by the president on an “as-needed” basis. 

Members for the committee will be selected by the chairpersons from all current members or the organization.


Section 1.

Nominations of officers will take place at the September meeting.

Elections and seating of the club officers shall be held at the annual (October) meeting.

The election shall be by ballot from a slate chosen by a nominating committee or from nominations in open meeting.

A majority vote of the club members present shall elect each officeholder.

Section 2.

Officers shall hold office for 12 months or until their successors are elected and duly installed.

Section 3.

Vacancy in office during the period may be filled by appointment of the club president.

Duties of Officers


Shall coordinate and supervise the total club program; preside at club meetings.

Vice President:

Assists the president in the coordination and supervision of the club programs;

shall preside at club meetings in the absence of the president.


Shall take minutes at the club meetings; issue minutes,  general notices and announcements.


Shall keep and prepare all club financial records and transactions; make regular financial reports to the club membership. 

Coordinates the annual membership drive and collection of annual dues from members; maintain current club member listings.

Amish Country Tour Coordinator:

Coordinates annual club invitational ride.

Committee Chairpersons


Shall coordinate the makeup of the newsletter which includes the monthly ride schedule,

articles of general interest, advertising and other noteworthy articles.

Ride Coordinator:

Coordinates the monthly ride schedule.

Public Relations Coordinator:

Coordinates the club’s public affairs and enhancement of club image.


Shall maintain Facebook page and DBC’s website and coordinate with newsletter editor.

By-laws  changes adopted 4/13/2021.