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Amish Ride: September 14, 2019

The Decatur Bicycle Club is a bicycle touring club serving Decatur, Illinois and Macon County area. Our feature event is the Amish Country Tour held each Fall. 


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Rides are scheduled 7 days a week. They usually average 12-15 mph and are 8 to 30 miles round trip. We also have longer rides on weekends and sometimes have cycling weekend trips. Our ages range from 20's to 70's and families are welcome! We are interested in accommodating new members. We want to get to know YOU!
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A couple of good places
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about Decatur, Illinois are:
Decatur Magazine
'I think I shall always stick to my bike,' said Christopher. 'The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart.'
Iris Murdoch,
The Red and the Green, 1965

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